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Tribal King

Tribal King Standing in Canada

Tribal King wil be standing at stud in Canada for the 2017 Breeding Season. He will be available for mares in Canada and the United States.  Get your very own "Kodak" baby now!




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Taurie Banks
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One of my parents came to me shortly after the fourth of July and confessed she had “tried” to have a quiet Fourth of July holiday. They are the proud owners of a large hound dog. And when I say large, I mean large, with a howling bark that could wake the dead. Whenever I go over there to teach, the dogs starts bellowing until I go over and say hello. Then he’ll let me teach my lesson in reasonable silence. Blue is a great dog with a an even better set of lungs.             Kathy, the mom, being ex military runs her home like a well run machine. She marches her petite 5’2”  frame through life, keeping her two daughters and husband in line and on schedule.             With the 4th of July coming up, she wisely went to her local vet to get some acepromazine, a mild animal sedative for Blue. She figured it would keep the dog from getting stressed out during the fireworks and keep the neighbors happy as well.             The 4th finally arrives and in the early evening she decides it is time to give the dog his sedative. She grabbed some cheese from the fridge and ground up the tablets. She then worked the powder into the cheese making a nice chunk to give to Blue.             She then turned to the sink to wash her hands and went into the other room to get a clean towel to dry her hands. When she returned to the kitchen, the cheese chunk was gone!             Thinking it may have fallen on the floor, she looked around the counter, and seeing nothing, set off to find the cat, thinking he might be the culprit. After an extensive search and much frustration, she finally called out to the entire household, “Who took my cheese?”             “What cheese?” came the chorus from the other rooms in the house.             “The cheese that was on the kitchen counter!” She stormed.             “Oh”, she heard her husband say……. “I ate it!”             Needless to say, her husband had a very quiet 4th of July, he was asleep in twenty minutes and didn’t hear any of Blue’s howling barks that went on well into the night. Kathy, on the other hand, was embarrassed to admit that she had ‘accidentally’ sedated her husband and came to confess her story to me, a supportive friend.             I just laughed hysterically!